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Sarcasius Acerbus was the god of sarcasm in archaic Greece. Ancient Greek held great respect for him, as he would bring metaphor, humor, and peace-with-self to their everyday lives. Ancient Greeks were the people of discussions, debate, and verbal confrontation. So the idea of using sarcasm in their debates would add another perspective to the content of their debates, like no other verbal technique. Sarcasius may be one of the reasons for the skillfulness of the ancient Greeks in holding debates.

Sarcasius was not a great warrior, nor was he an underdog. He was just getting by. Unlike Ares, Zeus, and Dionysus, the name of Sarcasius did not make it very successfully to our times, as there are more found documents, imagery, and artifacts about other popular gods of war, thunder, and wine, than about Sarcasius whose story was more orally preserved.

 we have tried to remain faithful to the ideas of sarcasius by inserting his quotes which have been preserved and discovered by historians, in some of our merchants, hoping to play a little part in cultivating his absurd but important discipline*.

* of course we are only being sarcastic.

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